Welcome to my new blog! With the excitement and promise of new adventures ahead, I delve into a brand new project: writing and maintaining my own “adventure” blog! I’ve always enjoyed writing and showing off pictures of my travels/adventures to family and friends, now I’m ready to put it all out there to the world.

Cerro Torre near El Chalten, Argentina

Come join me on this path!  (Cerro Torre near El Chalten, Argentina)

In sharing my adventures and travel stories, I hope to inspire you to get out there and explore a bit on your own. But watch out, it can become addictive :) While I have an adventurous spirit, I could not do the traveling/exploring I do without the encouragement from my family, friends, and fellow travelers (via the multitude of inspiring blogs out there in the independent travel world). Now I hope to pay it forward.

I’ll be sharing my adventures, both near and far, urban and outdoorsy, silly and serious, fun and maybe not-so-fun, solo and not solo. I intend to write some reviews and provide resources for visiting specific destinations whenever I can. And I need not travel thousands of miles to have an exotic adventure worthy of a blog entry… there are many places in my own San Francisco Bay area backyard that I have yet to discover!

View of Mt Tamalpais in Marin from a recently discovered trail. The full story to come soon!

View of Mt Tamalpais in Marin from a recently newly discovered trail. The full story to come soon!

So this project also provides the incentive to finally create my “wanderlist”. Yup, that list of places that I want to visit in my lifetime. Especially places in my “local” California since I can’t just hop on over to India next week. Having a whole list full of local adventures to choose from is one of the ways in which I’m trying to satisfy my travel cravings while living a relatively routine life in San Francisco. Because I am not a full-time traveler or digital nomad or expat as most travel bloggers are. I have a day job and pay rent, however, I travel as much as I can and I’m grateful for every destination that I get to explore no matter how far from “home” it is.

This is home. (San Francisco Bay with the Golden Gate bridge)

This is home. (San Francisco Bay with the Golden Gate bridge)

Not only do I want to share in the new adventures I come across, but I also intend to reflect back on one of the most epic trips of my life so far, my 5 month South America solo backpacking trip in 2011. That trip opened my eyes to a whole new world of travel possibilities. Sure, I already had a blog dedicated to that trip, but I mostly just described my day-to-day activities. There’s room for so much more. From practical tips to sharing some of the raw emotions that come with extended solo travel, I hope to help fellow travelers who are heading out for the first time. Or at the very least, provide a little entertainment! Plus, it’ll give me a chance to organize some pictures and stories into my top highlights. Stay tuned for some fun photo essays!

Iconic Machu Picchu. Yes, I was really there!

Iconic Machu Picchu. Yes, I really was there!

Bear with me as I explore WordPress and build up my site. It’s a work in progress, just like any other adventure! I’m taking baby steps here with this blogging thing and I know I have a lot to learn. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Exploring new places, experiencing different cultures, making connections around the globe, trying new things, physically and mentally challenging myself in a variety of activities, and enjoying solitude as well as sharing the joy of adventure in good company.

This is what I live for.

I live to explore life!

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