My Adventure List

Here’s what I’d like to do at some point in my lifetime! 

In no particular order…

  • Hike the 3 week Annapurna Sanctuary Trek in Nepal

  • Learn how to ride a scooter

  • Snorkel with sea turtles (very very soon! Mexico January 2014!)

  • Backpack a 7 day section of the John Muir Trail (maybe next summer?)

  • Get an article or blog post published somewhere other than my own blog

  • See the Northern Lights (Iceland, Canada, Norway?)

  • Break a board with a knife-hand strike (in my 4 years of martial arts training, I have yet to do this, but someday…)

  • Try stand-up paddleboarding

  • Visit family in Holland and combine that with a trip to explore Iceland and hike in the Swiss Alps (ya know, while I’m over there…)

  • Enjoy one night of total luxury in a fancy hotel-spa with a 5 course meal, massage, and a pedicure (yes, I did just say that… I’m allowed to have one girly goal)

  • Try paragliding

  • Get paid for writing something, anything…

  • See the wildflower bloom in Death Valley

  • See a whale in the wild up close and personal

  • Hike the Napali coast in Kauai

  • Learn how to use Quickbooks

  • Live abroad in one place for at least 6 months (not backpacking)

  • Invite and treat a total stranger to a meal

  • Volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand

  • Explore the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico (doing this in 3 weeks! boo-yah!)

  • Sip tea in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park in SF (how have I not done this in 8 years of living in SF?)

  • Create a martial arts form and teach it to someone else

  • Visit a tropical island in the South Pacific

  • Get a free tour, hotel stay, or meal for writing about it

  • Save up enough money (again) to buy a new (used) car (my car is 17 years old and has 170,000 miles… it’s not gonna last forever)

  • Explore Glacier National Park and road trip around Montana and Idaho (in said new car)

  • Become proficient in Spanish

  • Explore Cambodia and Vietnam

  • Backpack in the Yolla Bolly wilderness (Northern California)

  • Fall in love

  • Break-fall properly without fear while being taken down during sparring (my most intense, scary part of my martial arts training… I’m still scared that I’m gonna get hurt)

  • Hut to hut hike on the East Coast (next October 2014!)

  • Get one of my pictures published in a travel magazine


  1. roamingtheworld · · Reply

    I’m with you on wanting articles published in other media outlets and getting PAID for it.
    I also want to go to Death Valley… been thinking of joining Green Tortoise tour but think last one is next week until November. Boo!
    And I also want to “fall in love,” again! I still have some letting go of my past and a lot of self love and care to give to me first…

  2. thriftygypsy87 · · Reply

    Nice list! I have a hang-up about breaking a board with a punch. I’ve been able to do it with a knife-strike, but that punch break eludes me. It’s mind over matter, but my mind can’t figure out what’s the matter with itself! :P

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